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Chashma Shahi

Chashma Shahi

Kashmir, often referred to as "paradise on earth," indeed owes much of its natural and architectural beauty to the Mughals, who left an indelible mark on the region through their creation of stunning gardens and parks. Among these beautiful gardens, Chashma Shahi holds a significant place. Here are some additional details about Chashma Shahi:

Terraced Beauty: Chashma Shahi is one of the Mughal Gardens located in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. It is renowned for its terraced lawns, captivating fountains, and vibrant floral beds, all of which enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Mughal Creation: The garden was originally created by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the year 1632. It is a testament to the Mughals' appreciation for the beauty of Kashmir and their commitment to creating harmonious and breathtaking landscapes.

Mountain Spring: Chashma Shahi derives its name from a mountain spring that provides the water source for the garden. "Chashma" means "spring," and "Shahi" refers to its royal origins. The presence of this natural spring adds to the charm of the garden.

Renovations: Over the centuries, Chashma Shahi has undergone several renovations to preserve and enhance its remarkable beauty. These efforts have ensured that the garden continues to captivate visitors with its allure.

Size and Layout: Chashma Shahi is relatively compact compared to some of the other Mughal Gardens in the region. It measures 108 meters in length and 38 meters in width, covering approximately one acre of land. Despite its smaller size, it offers a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Location: The garden is situated on the banks of Dal Lake, providing visitors with picturesque views of the water and surrounding landscapes. Its location near the lake enhances its visual appeal and makes it easily accessible to tourists.

Historical Significance: Chashma Shahi was commissioned by Shah Jahan for his eldest son, Dara Sikoh. It was built around the spring and served as a royal retreat and a place of leisure and relaxation.

Pari Mahal: In close proximity to Chashma Shahi lies Pari Mahal, also known as the Fairy Palace. It was where Dara Sikoh received instruction in astrology and later met his tragic fate at the hands of his brother, Aurangzeb.

Mughal Garden Trio: Chashma Shahi is one of the three famous Mughal Gardens in Srinagar, with Shalimar Garden being the largest and Nishat Garden the second largest. Each of these gardens showcases Mughal architecture and horticultural expertise.

Permits: Visitors can obtain permits to visit Chashma Shahi from the information counter, making it accessible to tourists interested in exploring its historical and natural beauty.

Chashma Shahi's combination of lush greenery, Mughal architectural elements, and the serene backdrop of Dal Lake makes it a delightful destination for tourists seeking to experience the magic of Kashmir's gardens and the legacy of the Mughal era.